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The English division is led by Sébastien GIORDANO jointly with Jennifer GOUBE and our dedicated team of professionals. If you need advice on various subjects, we publish twice a month articles on our website to help you. You can as well contact us with your situation to have a personalized opinion.

Do you want to invest in a business in France?
We will assist you to create your business, determine if it is viable or not. We study the feasibility of your project according to your aims. We deliver you a business plan. We support you during meeting with financial partners, we suggest as well bank and investment to French standards. We will handle the registration of your company. The registration will be done with the correct legal status, taxation and social status that will be the most suitable for your company.

French Business Advice

As Chartered Accounting, we will deal with your accountancy according to your needs, for example, review it. We can as well manage it from bookkeeping to be in charge of your financial statement. Our expertise also can provide you for a financial reporting on your income, your break-even point or your cash tables.

We can as well assist you in your statement of annual accounts, such as your amortization table, break down your annual financial statement, certify it, analysis of your profit margins, determine your taxable income and declare your annual closure of accounts.

If you are looking on what to improve in your business, we can do audit mission, whether it is legal or for merger, we can assist you for all auditor services thanks to our team.

We can support you as well with any legal issue with our team, whether it is social and personnel changes, change of manager, setting up a General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting or increase of capital.

We can look after your social security and personnel, your payrolls or prepare your pay slips, as well as drafting your employment contracts or your social statements. We can guide you on your company membership to insurance organizations and relevant bodies for your activity. As for the taxes, we can support you during social inspections.

Our expertise allows us to advise you on your taxes, whether it is requesting an intra-community VAT number, or adapt to the french taxation, we can help you avoiding taxes according to your company by helping you prepare your tax statement, as well as your intra-community declaration, your corporate or personal income tax, we will assist you in case of inspection or audit.

If you are looking for advice, we have a team dedicated to wealth management that will give you insights and products that can be good for you, with no incentive on what product to offer you, as an independent from banks and insurance.

Find the non-exhaustive list of our services on our brochure!

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